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METAL PRINTS (large sizes)

For larger than life sized prints, Gloss metals are our most premium finish.

Metal prints are created using a custom purpose pneumatic heat press. The image is transferred right into the aluminium substrate, creating an end result that is scratch, fade, and heat resistant, with a level of vibrancy and detail not possible in other print mediums.

Each Metal print comes with a "shadow mount" frame attached to the back of the print. This frame raises the print 20mm off the wall creating a stunning one of a kind gallery effect. 

Metal prints are lightweight, and can even be mounted outdoors. Each print comes with a "cleat" hanging mount that makes for easy, level, secure mounting.

Sizes & Pricing

120 x 120 cm

100 x 150 cm

75 x 200cm

= $795

= $995

= $1195

Custom Metal sizes are also available. The maximum size is possible is 120 x 240 cm.

ACRYLIC PRINTS (smaller sizes)

A fantastic modern finish, that is more budget friendly  than metal if you dont need really large sizes. 

Acrylic prints are created using liquid glass poured in specially prepared instalments, guaranteeing that every panel is flawlessly cast. After your print is laminated onto the glass, it’s processed using a sophisticated cutting technique that ensures millimetre precision. Each print is polished so that every edge has a perfectly smooth feel.

Each Acrylic print comes with a "shadow mount" frame attached to the back. This frame raises the print 10mm off the wall.

Acrylic prints are lightweight and easily mounted using standard picture hooks. 

Sizes & Pricing

60 x 60 cm 

50 x 75 cm

60 x 80 cm

60 x 120 cm

75 x 100 cm

80 x 120 cm

= $195

= $195

= $295

= $495

= $495

= $595

Acrylic prints are not available in custom sizes.

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